Sharing City: a co-created magazine on sharing economy

11. maj 2017 / Af Anne Grave og Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland

This magazine came out of a Danish partnership project called Sharing City orchestrated by the Danish Architecture Centre. Sharing City was a national knowledge and communicative project conducted between August 2015 – December 2016.

Deleby grafik_460x250.png

The partnership project aimed to make the Danish population more familiar with sharing economy and explore potential impacts of different variations of sharing economy to improve our cities, urban and rural communities. 

The Sharing City project drew together municipalities, businesses, associations, innovators, residents and researchers in order to jointly come up with new ideas and business models within the scope of the sharing economy. The Sharing City project was financed by the Danish philanthropic foundation Realdania and the Danish Business Authority through the means of the Green Business Development Fund.

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This magazine offers an insight into the growing commercial innovation, civic movements, and political narratives surrounding sharing economy services, solutions and organisational types.  It presents a cross-section of the manifold sharing economy services and solutions that can be found in Denmark. Solutions of sharing that seeks to improve our cities and local communities in both urban and rural environments.

24 sharing economy organisations and businesses addressing urban and rural issues are being portrayed and seven Danish municipalities that have explored the potentials of sharing economy. Moreover, 15 thought leading experts - professionals and academic - have been invited to give their perspective on sharing economy for cities.

This magazine touches upon aspects of the sharing economy as mobility, communities, sustainability, business development, mobility, and urban-rural relation.